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​We are a Paranormal investigating team in Northern California.

* COVID-19 disclaimer:  Due to unprecedented times, with the current pandemic, we have all been vaccinated.

 We offer phone, FaceTime, Zoom, and on-line support for urgent matters.   As more people are quarantined, we are seeing a sharp increase in requests.  Remember, that in many cases, the same activity was there prior to this huge social isolation.

Stay tuned for our updates about on-line and interactive help.

All members must also bring face masks to any event at this time.  At least, until the new CDC mandates change in our area.


Upcoming Events


Aug. 14 - Cary House

Aug. 15 - Training

Sept. 25 - Private Residence

Oct. 9 - Private Residence

Nov. 20 - Private Residence, Placerville

Washoe Club

Piper's Opera House

SilverQueen Hotel

St. Mary's Hospital

Listen to "My Darkest Hour" with Stefan Brigaiti and Ann Bender talk about COVID, scariest hauntings, and Virginia City, NV.


  • Paranormal photography
  • Submitted images
  • Examples of non-paranormal pictures
  • Northern California and beyond

Read about various prior investigations.  Each case has something unique.  Learn if what you are dealing with is similar to what another family has already gone through!

Your submitted stories, unexplained events, and town rumors from Northern California to all around the world.  Spooky tales of ghosts, demons, and helpful spirits.  Paranormal tales to make you wonder.

  • Learn the basics to advanced elements of paranormal investigating.  
  • Metaphysical information
  • Haunted Locations and much more !

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