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Here to help with 

unexplained situations

Bender Family Paranormal

​We are a Paranormal investigating team in Northern California.


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May 1-3, 2020 Virginia City, NV  for the 10th Annual Virginia City ParaCon

Washoe Club

Piper's Opera House

SilverQueen Hotel

St. Mary's Hospital

  • Paranormal photography
  • Submitted images
  • Examples of non-paranormal pictures
  • Northern California and beyond

Read about various prior investigations.  Each case has something unique.  Learn if what you are dealing with is similar to what another family already has gone through!

Your submitted stories, unexplained events, and town rumors from Northern California to all around the world.  Spooky tales of ghosts, demons, and helpful spirits.  Paranormal tales to make you wonder.

  • Learn the basics to advanced elements of paranormal investigating.  
  • Metaphysical information
  • Haunted Locations and much more !

Media Engagements

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