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Dave and Ann work alongside of several family friends.  All are on this journey for one reason: 


To Help!

Helping since 2001

Dave Bender - Founder and Team Leader

Dave was born in Long Island, New York.  At age 8, his family returned to their roots in Montana and the Rocky Boy Indian Tribe.  Under his uncle Dan (a Chippewa-Cree), he was mentored as a medicine man.  He grew up learning his tribe's stories of spirits and how to help others.  After relocating to California he carried on his family's tradition of healing by founding his first paranormal team, API.

Dave enjoys working in the film industry in his spare time.  He writes screen plays and studies gem stones.  He works with children during the day as a Service Coordinator.

He met his wife, Ann, in 2003 and they both enjoy a beautiful daughter.  Dave can not offer his Native American blessing unless asked.  He cannot charge for this service, but can accept supplies as a sign of appreciation.

Ann Bender - Co-Founder, Psychic Medium, and Website Administrator

Ann was raised in Michigan on her family's farm.  Her first memories are not of horses and flowers, but of the spirits and past events in the family home.  Unfortunately, it terrified her parents when she spoke of people, events, and places she had never seen.

She spent her early adulthood using her abilities while working as a paramedic and radiology technologist.  When living in Washington, her nearby neighbor was a serial killer.  Every time he killed, she dreamed through his victims eyes of his victim's last moments.  This drove her to better understand how she could help others and not just sit as a bystander.

In 2003 she moved to California and met her husband, Dave Bender.  She became a dowser while working with Dave.  For families with delicate questions, the dowsing rods can answer without a word being spoken

Maria Lagana-Sales - Psychic Medium

Celebrity Psychic Maria Lagana-Sales has been communicating with spirits since she was a small child.  Born to Italian immigrants She uses her Catholic faith to keep her well grounded.  Because of her amazing accuracy Maria has been featured in several books and magazines and has done guest appearances on several TV shows including “Hotel Impossible” for The Travel Channel.  Currently, Maria Lectures on the paranormal circuit on top of maintaining her vast clientele.

Alexandria Bender - Investigator in Training

Ally was born with an old soul. Even before her birth she activated her favorite electronic toys. She enjoys helping families and their kids with ghosts.

She is matter of fact about, “you know the ghosts are dead people.” She talks with them freely and sees spirits through her own untainted eyes. She realizes not all society understands her gift. But every now and then starts chatting away with a spirit passing by.

The most scary part about her journey has been that she sees death through the victims eyes like her mommy.

Bill Loftin - Investigator in Training

Occupation: Biomedical Engineer, 26 Year Retired Military Veteran, Electronics Geek

Participating in organized paranormal adventures is a newfound interest, however, personal experiences with what many of us know as the “Other Side “has been a lifelong ordeal. My first and most memorable experience occurred at the age of 7 while living in Chicago Illinois. My family had recently relocated to Chicago into a house that was of age and had something new to me called a basement, this would also later become my room. What was Initially an adventure space full of exploration, later became a room of fear, especially when I discovered a picture of the former owner in the ceiling and the start of the presence of the former proprietor, whom I later learned from a neighbor that he was no longer among the living. For months I witnessed things moved, my bed was shaken and whispers all night warning me to get out. The breaking point occurred when I was awakened by this previous occupant that I could see fully and clearly as he told me that this was my final warning to get out of his house. After this and unbeknownst to my parents, I would wait each night until everyone fell asleep, then I would sneak upstairs so to sleep on the living room floor, I never returned to the basement. Throughout my years growing up, I reflected on my past experience and whenever possible steered my learning in the direction of technical advancement. I’ve always strived to be able to utilize or develop something to help me understand or communicate with the other side, hoping to find answers that would put to rest my fears from the past. Moving forward and a few years later, my professional background has been very fulfilling and consists of 26 years Active duty Military (Retired) and 8 years as a Biomedical Engineer, both of which have motivated my fixation for building, testing and utilizing electronic devices that facilitate spirit communication and occasional undesirable effects. Like all things in life, my thought process has changed a bit. I believe that my endeavor or calling in this realm is that of helping. Instead of trying to resolve what I perceived to be scary experiences, I strongly believe that my efforts are better utilized communicating with spirits for the purpose of reaching out to them during their true time of need. 

Natalie Ramirez-Loftin - 

Investigator in Training


I come from a line of family members who each have had their own experiences and abilities. Since I was a young girl I always felt when I wasn't alone and really empathize with people to the point where I felt whatever they were going through happened to me. This feeling has helped me in turn help others speak with the words that the individual needed to hear. At the age of 12 I had my first experience of seeing an apparition face to face and later was proven that what I saw was indeed real. As I got older I would have premonitions which is an ability my grandmother possessed. All in all I’ve experienced out of body experience, premonitions, sensitive to presences and maybe even had a glimpse to a past life.

My Why:

I grew up in a time where I was told not to speak of the things I experienced. Because of this mindset I feel I never had the chance to grow my natural abilities. To meet people like Bender Paranormal or watch all the amazing ghost hunting shows have open the conversations in homes to start discussing things that we might not understand. More and more people are experiencing what many of us already knew. Because I believe I am an empath I feel not only can I help the living that I can help those whom have passed. Teaming up and working with respected Mediums in the field will help me develop my abilities to help those with no voice and tell their story.

Erin - Sensitive and Investigator

 Erin uses her ability to sense and feel spirits to help convey messages or the presence of an entity.  She has had this ability since she was 12 years old.  She enjoys being able to help others understand what they are experiencing as well as seeing how historical events align with spiritual activity.  She has been to many historically haunted sites such as:  Alcatraz, The Woodland Opera House, Preston Castle, the Armstrong Alge building, and the Cary House Hotel.  She lives with her husband, their dog, and two cats.

Gina Mullins - Sensitive and Investigator in Training

  - Bio coming soon !

Robert - Investigator in Training

 - Bio coming soon !

The Lancaster Family - Investigators in Training

  - Bios coming soon !

Jen - Debunker, Researcher,

 and Investigator

I was born and raised in California. Hobbies include traveling and spontaneous adventures. I love rugby, baseball and basketball. I have two Australian Cattle Dogs.

I’ve been a RN for 16yrs, Neurology and Critical Care. I like to try and help people in their time of need, whether it be in a medical or a non medical situations. 

Corrina - Debunker and Investigator in Training

  - Bios coming soon !

Welcome New Team Members:

Liberty J. - Investigator in Training

Dave and Ann Bender have been invited for numerous media stories over the years.

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Various locations of reported paranormal activity from around the world.

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What Our Families Are Saying

Dave and Ann helped us when we were at our most vulnerable.  The whole family was sleeping in one room - afraid.  Thank you so much for helping us take back our home!

- Anonymous -

Thank you so much to the entire team that came out within days of our request.  You all saved me and my family's lives!  We were mad at first when the fire department made us leave.  They explained that the levels of carbon monoxide would have killed us if you didn't find it.  Thank God for you.  You saved us and our babies.

- Anonymous -