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Ione Hotel

The Golden ★ Star of Ione

Location:  25 W Main St.  Ione, CA  95640

Phone:  (209) 274-6082

Investigations:  Oct. 2003 and Fall 2006

Reason for Investigation:  This is Ann and Dave’s fifth visit to the hotel.  On prior visits a strong fecal odor was overwhelming on one room.  The team stepped out and back in, only to find the room without any odor.  On another visit and television reporter, Stephanie Cruz, was to stay the night in the hotel.  She questioned the presence of any paranormal activity.  A coffee pot fly off the counter directly at her head.  She ducked and it missed her.  She promptly left and spent the rest of the night in the studio van, not returning once.  

This history rich hotel now has a new owner whom is very interested in the unexplained events at the hotel.  Dave and Ann return to see if the activity has changed from past visits for the new owner.  Also, the new owner witnessed a lady in a long green, ruffled dress slowly float down the main staircase at 2:30 am.  She had curly brown hair past her shoulders.  She appeared to be from the mid 1800's.  She frequently appears at the same time.  Many guests and family have witnessed this event.

Each visit to the Ione Hotel has led to more questions than answers.

Investigation 2006:  The team arrived at 4:30 pm and sat down to a delicious meal in the hotel bar area before the investigation.  Ann, not quite ready to investigate, sat eating.  On the first bite, she began shaking almost violently.  Embarrassed about her trembling, she laughed and said she was low on sugar.  However, the team became concerned and Ann confessed that she didn’t know why the sudden shaking.   After stepping outside, the intense shaking halted.  When she returned, the shaking started again.  Ann told whomever it was to knock it off and let her finish eating.  The shaking stopped.

All team members set up equipment at 5:30 pm and began the investigation.  The sun set early. The temperature was perfect, with a slight breeze.  There were no solar storms and the moon was at half mast.   Teams of two people began EMF, temperature, photography, and video recording.  Our sensitives for the night promptly picked up on a woman near the ladies restrooms.  They conducted an EVP session in the bathroom, but too much background noise made the session ineffective.  Ann was very interested in the stairwell and the top the stairs.  Several photographs showed dust and orbs in the top and left side of the stairs.

Another point of interest was the empty chair to the right of the stairs.   When Ann inquired, she found that the chair was for George, the resident spirit.  The employees thought that if they gave him a seat, he would not bother them so much when they were trying to work. We asked what kind of trouble “George” caused. He likes to move things around, especially in Room #4, the kitchen, and the bar.  An elderly man was leaving the hotel and Ann asked him if he believed that a ghost named George was there.  The man laughed and said he was best friends with the real George and he wasn’t here.

At 6:30 pm Ann interviewed a family that returns each year to the hotel.  However, there are a few rooms they choose not to stay in (Room #4 and room #13).  It was about 8:00 pm and Dave decided to open the well.  Yes, in the middle of the hotel is a well.  The hotel was built to include an old well that was in the original back alley.  Other than a few spiders, nothing was found down the well. It was very interesting, though.

Around 9:00 pm Ann went back over areas the members reported elevated EMF readings; the stairs, the upstairs hallways, the back porch, and the front porch.  Dave and Patricia have reported feeling a sharp jab in the middle of their back.  While filming Patricia had to stop and leave it became unbearable.  One photograph shows a curved, blue orb, moving into her back.  Dave also has an orb at the same level of his pain.  As Patricia left, the photo and video cameras focus was totally lost.  EVP sessions were attempted, but background noise levels made it impossible to record.  It was decided to return on a Wed. the next week to record EVP’s.  Photographs taken during the attempted EVP session showed very bright orbs above the crew.

The investigation ended around midnight and Karaoke began downstairs. 

The Next Wednesday:  Dave, Ann, and Charlotte returned to obtain better quality EVP.   After walking in the hotel, Dave began to feel ill.  He joined the ladies in the first room to hold Charlotte’s boom mic.  He felt so much worse, that he had to step out and sit down.  The next room was an uneventful session.   Ann felt the strong presence of a woman.  While she and Charlotte stepped out of the room the EVP recorder turned on by itself.  A little startled, Ann turned it back off.  She held it carefully so that her fingers were not near the on switch.   It turned on a second time, without being touched.  The two ladies rejoined Dave, who had gone downstairs.  All were ready to call it a night.

Investigation Highlights:  On the first night Ann had the unexplained violent shaking.  Various members felt a sharp jabbing in their backs, and photographs showed moving orbs in the exact location of their pain.   EMF was normal in the bar, well, kitchen, and inside the rooms.  It spiked in the hallways and front and back porch.  There was a cold breeze that all felt at some point when sitting near the landing of the stairs. All felt as if they were being watched carefully.

The following Wednesday, Ann had the digital recorder turn on by itself twice when leaving room number nine.  And sadly, Patricia would not ever investigate again.  The pain at the time of the incident scared her so severely, she wanted nothing to do with anything unexplained.

Historic video from a 1984 overnight investigation.  The origin of ghost George Williams is revealed.

Left:  A submitted photo from a couple that

told their story to Dave and Ann.   Do you

see anything to the grooms left?  Perhaps the slight outline of a cowboy hat?  This image was not taken digitally.  The negative is long gone.  So further analysis not not possible.  It is certainly interesting.

Ione Hotel

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