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Piper's Opera House

Virginia City, NV

Location:  12 B St, Virginia City, NV 89440

Phone:  (775) 847-0433

Investigation:  Fall 2006

Dave and Ann were invited by the current owner's of Piper's Opera House to investigate the long history of paranormal claims.  During this overnight investigation, the opera house was beginning a massive and costly restoration project.  The owners wanted to know if they had made the activity worse.  They wanted to know if the spirits there liked the restoration.  And they wanted to know whom was there in spirit and if there was anything there that might hurt any of the workers.

Our journey from California to Nevada was uneventful until Dave was near the sign for Virginia City.  He and a team member became very sick to their stomach.  It was very rare for Dave to be so ill that he had to lay down as soon as possible.  It wasn't until later that we all realized the ghostly cowboys simply didn't want Native American's in their town.

Lights  --  dimming on their own

The​ investigation was fairly uneventful, aside from two members flat on their backs feeling ill.  The overall noise level was much louder than expected from the town.  The amount of dust from the desert and construction was extraordinary.  As our investigation proceeded, we sent members outside with recorders during all EVP sessions.  This turned out to be brilliant in determining noises from people and the sounds heard inside.  While on stage we all sat together for an EVP session.  Two investigators went outside in to freezing temperatures with radios to record outside.  Inside and outside recorders were started in unison.  All of the group thought one of our outside members decided to come back in after the session began recording.  We asked them why they had not stayed outside.  However, we were not talking to them.  The foot steps that approached us with loud, heavy steps were not from any living person.  It was so deliberate and close to our group that we did not feel comfortable remaining.  While it was nothing bad, it was so intense that we called it a night.

After packing everything up, the team walked across the street to our rooms.  Dave and Ann shared a room directly across the street in the Silver Queen.  Dave couldn't get in bed soon enough, as he felt really horrible.  Ann felt as if Mrs. Piper ventured across the street with them to share something.  Once settled in the Silver Queen, Ann asked if Mrs. Piper was there.  The lights dimmed and turned off just like the lights had done at the opera house.  (There was no dimmer switch on the flip switch for the lights to make this possible.)  Ann asked Mrs. Piper to turn the lights back on if she wanted her to use the dowsing rods to talk.  The lights flipped back on to full brightness.  The conversation that followed was one that will remain private.  It was a chat of two women and secrets that Ann promised to keep between them.  Dave of course is fully included in what was said, since there are never secrets between them.

The following morning at check our from the Silver Queen.  Ann asked about the activity in the room she stayed in.  The front desk was startled by her question.  Ann had asked for the room with the most minimal or no reports of paranormal events in order to rest.  The hotel staff had placed her in the one room with no known events.  Furthermore, lights turning off and on in any way had never been noticed in any of the Silver Queen rooms.  Only at the Piper's Opera House had this ever been known to occur.

Piper's Opera House

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